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The PitStop building was completed in 2009, enjoying the unique experience associated with Morgan sports cars, under the personal guidance and care of the proprietors Melvyn, Sindy & Mariella Rutter. They enjoy Morgan sports cars immensely and have been associated with them for more than 48 years, with Sindy driving and owning the unique ‘Pink Lady’ 4/4, whilst Melvyn has his own Morgans to play with. Customers from all over the world have been made welcome here since the Morgan business moved to Little Hallingbury, Essex in 1982 and you do not have to be a ‘car person’ to enjoy the delights of the accommodation provided. For a personal and truly friendly welcome, please contact them for any further information required, including hiring one of our two Morgans we have available. You will love the experience.

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2005 to 2009


Melvyn decided to project manage and detail design it himself, thereby containing costs and ensuring the work was carried out to his very exacting standards. The three years and ten month building project was been completed in the summer of 2009 with decisions on every aspect of the design and interiors, along with the colour schemes and materials being jointly agreed between Melvyn and his wife Sindy. As you will be able to see when you visit, or indeed see the construction images here, this was no easy task. Trawling through web sites, various construction processes and design detail became a regular way of life in the Rutter household for several years before they even broke ground.

The finished result is testimony to all the hard work and effort that all parties and suppliers involved in this project have gone to in providing probably the most unique accommodation experience in this country, if not the world. We welcome anyone who would like to sample this amazing place, just for a night or maybe more. As one guest said to us, “the problem you are going to have here Melvyn is that people will come and stay, they will not want to leave!” We think he maybe right.

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