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They truly loved it

 cropped-logo1-1024x358  Barbs & JB Review

Fantastic. Always wanted to come & stay since seeing The PitStop on TV Four In A Bed. Superior quality. 5 star in everyway + loving the diner. Friendly welcome + lots of Morgans. Staying as part of my 40th birthday prezzie & to top it all, I arrived in a Morgan. Excellent. Thank you so much, be back soon

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 The Schippers From Holland Review

Thank you very much for staying here. Every day we went to your place, felt as being home. Our time in London with you was exciting – our daughter competed in the Olympics. Again thanks for the hospitality

guest reviews The Iwase family from Japan Review

We are all happy to be here. Thank you for everything. Please visit us in Japan – love from Naomi, Mami, Mayo, Hirohito, number one son and Ko.

Norwegians stay at The PitStop Claus Lund Review

We visitors from Norway stayed in three rooms with our wives – fantastic place

Hawkins family The Hawkins Family Review

We have stayed here twice and both times we left with a smile on our faces! The second time we booked all the rooms and brought the whole family back – children and grandchildren. Melvyn and Sindy are perfect hosts and we had great fun.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Jane and Steve Trinder Review

Saw the Pit Stop on TV and knew immediately that it was the perfect treat (or one of them!) for my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary. Melvyn and Sindy are excellent hosts who have put so much of their personalities into the Pit Stop. The attention to detail is amazing and puts many larger ‘posh’ hotels to shame! Loved, loved, loved the American self-serve diner and got to sing ‘how do you like your eggs in the morning’ to a rather less enthusiastic family! Only downside was we only stayed for the one night and we had to give the Morgan that we hired back! We will be back!

Elwood the bear Rob, Jac & Elwood Oakes Review

What an absolute pleasure. Melvyn is one of the nicest car nerds we have ever met & Sindy needs a medal for being a Morgan widow. Any mans dream to play with his toys and earn an income. We had the best 1st wedding anniversay ever ( I should know, have had 4). My dream to drive a Morgan was finally fullfilled just before I was 50 and I am a woman. It was just as good as sex and more, even Elwood the teddy was smiling. Thanks to you both for fabulous bedroom, wonderful diner, great company, excentric staff and Melvyn for letting me have a love affair with a car and my husband sat next to me. I have been a very lucky girl and I will be buyng my roadster in baby blue when we win the lottery, from you. Very sad to give the car back and even sadder to leave. As Arnie says we will be back. by the way the George pub is just under a mile away, not 750 yrds, thanks Melvyn, worked up a thirst from the walk, good marketing for them. Love and thanks to you all xx

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Tina Williams Review

The Pitstop is the Brigadoon of Essex -if you are lucky enough to visit you will want to stay there forever. The facilities are top notch and the attention to detail with respect to keeping everything in period -well it made me tired just thinking of the work Melvyn and Sindy had put in-fortunately there was a glorious Melvyn designed four poster to have a snooze in. The American Style Diner is better equipped than my own kitchen, has everything you want – even aspirin – and allows you the freedom to come and go as you please without worrying you can’t have a night cap if you get back late-absolutely brilliant-and I imagine is even more fantastic if you visit with kids. And on top of all this you get to see all the lovely Morgan cars and chat to Melvyn who is happy to tell you all about them. I thought it was a brilliant place and am already working out how quickly I can get booked in before the place becomes so popular there is a waiting list.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 JIM AND JEAN MERRINGTON Review

We have lived in hotels around the world and this establishment matches up to anything we have experienced. The attention to detail is amazing and the help and service exceptional. We shall return. A very happy Morgan owner.

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Knut and Gro Hallan Review

The problem you are going to have here Melvyn is that people will come and stay, they will not want to leave !

Randy & Dolores Wilson Randy & Dolores Wilson from California, USA Review

We stopped by to see Melvyn and Sindy at The Morgan Garage and discovered the PitStop was available. Being tired American travellers we decided to stay in the lovely Aero room because the lights around the bed and in the shower seduced us to stay at this place under the stars. As Morgan folk we had a lovely evening in the PitStop cafe sipping wine and enjoying the fabulous pasta Sindy makes available to their close friends. We look forward to our next visit, but sincerely recommend it as a must stay place for fabulous accommodation and the warm welcome received.

Radu & Anne Radu and Anne Parlog Review

Collected our new Morgan 4 seater. Stayed in The PitStop – it was a very warming stay. Sindy & Melvyn with the place are very special of course, of course. We must come back for sure. Now we drive to our home in Romania – (over 2000 miles!) With new thoughts and friends

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Jeane and Les Trend Review

Thank you for a fabulous stay, the PitStop is absolutely wonderful – we will definitely be back!

See Jeane’s web site – one of our links on the site

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Rainer and Jutta Wendorff from Germany Review

I saw the inetrnet PitStop web site, but when we came to stay, It was 100% Mor(e)(Gan) than we expected – unbelievable. A big special thanks to Melvyn & Sindy – the best hosts we ever, ever met! We felt like it was home. We love Morgans, we loved the place.

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Georges and Ghislaine Review

Seven French Morgan owners loved the PitStop. We did not want to leave but we had to go back. We will come again, for sure for another party! We bring more wine, naturally

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Colin and Joan Manning Review

Midnight Rescue!

Melvyn, Sindy and The Pitstop came to our rescue when our Morgan 4/4 decided to misbehave just north of Nottingham. A single phone call to Melvyn sorted things out and the transporter driver found it hard to believe that the dealership would open up at midnight to receive the car. Even better than that, fantastic accommodation was provided for the night in the Drop Head Coupe room. The following morning Melvyn demonstrated his skills in the kitchen when together with Sindy they provided a Morgan full English breakfast. The guys in the workshop deserve a medal for such speedy diagnosis and therefore on our way after the Mog breakfast. What a fantastic Dealership – eat your heart out Rolls Royce!

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Joanne Lloyd-Cross & David Parkin Review

Have just had a wonderful weekend at the Pit Stop including a day in the Morgan car for hire. The welcome is warm and genuine, the rooms and kitchen are amazing and to top it all off the weather was fantastic (wish that could be so easily arranged!). If you’re looking for a treat then this is the place to come. If you get the chance, hire the car as well because you won’t be able to keep the smile off your face when you’re driving it – fantastic!! I’m hoping that we’ll be back soon!

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Stephen Clarke and Bjarni Hrafnsson Review

This is a unique gem. My well travelled colleague from Iceland and I arrived at the end of a very long day. Melvyn and Sindy welcomed us and were genuinely pleased to see us. You are never “just another guest”. In fact their enthusiasm for people, and the attention to detail at the Pitstop makes the stay quite unforgettable. This is NOT B & B, this is an experience much better than that. I was truly sorry that I had to leave on time, as it is worth poring over the photos, the cars, the kitchen..omg! I won’t spoil the surprise, just go and you will find a place that only a rather eccentric Englishman could possibly have created. Bjarni had time to kill before leaving, and I could tell that before he left he had made new friends and we will definately be back, Stansted or no Stansted.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Kellie Blake Review

Wonderful attention to detail and a warm welcome awaits you.

Melvyn is a truly great host! He is always there if you need him but happy to leave you to enjoy the fabulous and quite unique surroundings he and Sindy have (obviuosly) lovingly created in this pretty village. I wish we had been able to hire one of the fantastic cars on offer but we didn’t have the time on this occasion. So many things add up to make this a good experience (even on a chilly March weekend)…the nice personalised notes, a great welcome tour, the fantastic diner style kitchen, fun rooms, reasonable prices…. it is hard not to write an endless list of reasons why this is such a great place to stay so go and check it out for yourselves!

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Tim Jones. Review

If Carlsberg made superior guest houses, they’d struggle to beat The Pitstop. Outstanding accomodation & a very warm welcome. The cars are things of pure beauty. Can’t wait to return. Thanks Melvyn.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Hansjörg Grützmacher and Hartmut Schönberg Review

Winter 2010. Snow in England, lousy drive up to Melvyn’s place in a red rental car. Late arrival, Melvyn waiting for us: The Super Sports room, Melvyn guided tour through the “place”, sleepless night, stroll through the “Garage” at midnight. Mystic, fantastic, truly beautiful – will come again – very soon.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 James Bidgood Review

Thank you for making us feel so welcome on New Years Eve & letting us share your wonderful creation -‘The PitStop.’ It is a living work of art – a true labour of love – we will be back. Happy and successful New Year.

Davina & James Bidgood MP

Queensland, Australia

cropped-logo1-1024x358 Michael Cooperman Review

Booked on-line. Made most welcome by Sindy & Melvyn. Accommodation – what a surprise, best ever. Loved the decor and the warm cosy feeling. Will use again, 100% for sure.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 James Eastern Review

Outstanding & unique place to stay AND I loved the Morgan cars in the showrooms.

 cropped-logo1-1024x358 Bob Cant Review

This was a pit stop for business 23/9/09 and both my colleague and I were impressed by the quality and layout of the accommodation.In all my years of staying in hotels nothing compares.

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